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RoboCup South Africa

Serious research in a playful mood

This Web site displays the activities of the South African RoboCup Committee.

The Committee consists of members from five institutions, and aims to coordinate RoboCup activities in South Africa.

RoboCup encompasses a range of competitive activities, designed to advance serious robotics and artificial intelligence research throughout the world. It provides measurable competitive activities that challenge research teams to advance the state of the art as rapidly as possible. The International RoboCup Federation's stated objective is to produce a robot soccer team that will beat the human world champion team by 2050.

In South Africa, four tertiary institutions are actively involved in RoboCup, with funding from South Africa's Department of Science and Technology. The intention is to have a competition between these universities by the end of 2010.

You can read more about our activities in these pages, or contact one of the committee members directly.


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